Is your site under-performing?

5 Questions to ask about your website and why it could be under-performing ...

1) Is it quick to load?
You may not notice it because images and code files are cached (stored in your browser after you're first visit), but first time visitors might just wait too long and click back to the next result in the list.

2) Is it mobile friendly?
A high proportion of people are now using mobile devices and tablets, especially when searching for services and quick solutions. Try visiting your site on your mobile and see if it is easy to use, scrollable and text is big enough to read.

3) Does it answer the question?
If someone is searching for electricians in Brighton and you are an electrician in Brighton - Bingo. They probably don't care about your life history, just give them your phone number!

4) Does it look professional?
A cheap website reflects badly on your business, just like a poorly maintained vehicle or rude staff. First impressions count, so make sure it's a good one.

5) Does it have clear calls to action?
Just like no.3 you need to be to the point. If you offer many services, it should be clear what they are, each with a clear 'call to action' ending with the client completing an action. This could be buying a product on-line, contacting you for a quote or signing up to a newsletter.

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