Umbraco Developers London and South East England

Having 9 years of Umbraco development experience (from v4 - v9/ 10), we can resolve any issues, upgrade or add new features to your current Umbraco site.

Importer Bots

Importing content to Umbraco from an old site

Populating your Umbraco site is simple but if you have a lot of deep content, products or a blog for example then the task can become more time consuming. So Strike 3 can create an importer to import your content from your old site no matter what system you used to build the site.

  • The importer bot works like a spider, first crawling your site to discover the pages and create a sitemap.
  • It then adds the pages to Umbraco under your homepage, using the same structure and page titles etc.
  • On the second scan it then adds the main content to the designated sections of each page.
  • On the 3rd scan it will copy across images and map them to the content on the new Umbraco build.

Then you can let your content editors free on the site to tidy up the imported content and update as required. Saving potentially hundreds of man-hours in boring copying and pasting and freeing them up to actually add value to your shiny new Umbraco website.

Umbraco Versions and Upgrades

We can work with any version of Umbraco

We can work with any version of Umbraco, having experience working from Umbraco v4, v6, v7, v8 and v9 (there was no version 5, that's another story :) ) . If your site needs upgrading we can bring your Umbraco build up to the latest stable version possible.

If you need new functionality:

  • A new form
  • Linking to a 3 party API
  • New page templates

We can usually do this without requiring any upgrade.

We would always recommend that you use the latest version of Umbraco 8 and when creating new builds we would start with a fresh build in Umbraco 8.


Some Umbraco sites we have worked on

We have worked on the following Umbraco websites, either directly with the client as subcontracting through other agencies:

Full Umbraco builds

Full Umbraco website builds from small-medium business to corporate scale sites

We can build anything from your 'About Us' website to a large scale corporate website encompassing multiple departments, products, articles, job search, locations etc. We collaborate with UK based designers and developers to make sure we deliver the highest quality product.

Just contact us to discuss your Umbraco requirements and we can make it happen.